Peter Caspari

I’m a Web and Mobile application developer.
I focus on database driven business and SaaS solutions.


Welcome to my Profile Website - A little About Me


NAME: Peter Caspari

CONTACT NO: 0411 379 268


ABN: 40 367 528 875


S K I L L S   P R O F I L E


I'm an experienced IT Professional that has achieved many significant milestones such as developing air traffic control systems, recovering substantial amounts of lost revenue as a data miner / forensic accountant and providing numerous custom solutions to corporate and government business of all sizes.  My skill set is broad with a focus on Alpha Anywhere, MS Access and SQL Server development.  These skills in conjunction with significant accounting, aviation and academic experience allow me to project manage and develop complex solutions for customers.  These skills have also facilitated academic achievements such as the publication of three peer reviewed scientific papers in the field of computational astrophysics.


Software Skills


> Alpha Anywhere

> Microsoft Access to 2010,      Microsoft SQL Server 2000 to 2012

> Microsoft Visual Basic and Visual Basic for Applications

> Microsoft Office

> VB and JAVA script     

> MetaTrader V4

> Lotus Notes

> Map Info

> Crystal Reports


Professional Skills


> Self Employed IT Consultant

> Web and Mobile database driven application developer

> Data Miner / Data Analyst

> Auditor / Senior Business Analyst

> Authorised MYOB Developer

> Project Manager

> Environment Operations Officer (Managed 20 staff)

> Product Marketing Manager

> Advanced Systems Engineer

> Technical Support Manager

> PC & Network Installation and Administration

> Provider of hosting for Cloud Solutions

> Pilot with Air Traffic Control experience

> Published researcher in the field of Astronomy and Computational Astrophysics



Education and Training


> Hold a  Masters of Science degree.

> MS-Access Basic Advanced

> MS-Visual Basic Advanced

> Information Mapping

> Lotus Notes Application Development I & II

> Lotus Notes System Administration I



WO R K   E X P E R I E N C E



GCS Research (Proprietor)

1998 - Current


I primarily provide complete life cycle development services in Alpha Anywhere, MS Access and SQL Server.  I have substantial experience at interfacing with accounting systems and I'm an authorised MYOB developer.  I also provide hosting for my cloud based solutions.


I provide web and mobile application development, hosting and support.  Some of the Mutli-user Visual Basic/Access/SQL projects I have developed include:-


> Multi tenanted SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions such as EAZYBIZZ (Alpha Anywhere)

> Web and Mobile Job Allocation and Project Management solutions Trades-Manager (Alpha Anywhere)

> High profile operational data analysis system for the air traffic control environment at Sydney airport. (VB/Access)

> CRM Reporting system with multiple data feeds inc A/S 400

> Custom accounting solutions that interface to business intelligence and other accounting systems (Access/SQL Server).

> Point of sales systems that interface to fleet management, business intelligence and other accounting systems (Access/SQL Server).

> Accounting and production systems for large multinational companies (Access/VBA).


Based on the years of experience in this field I have developed a suite of generic application templates that allow for fast tracking of many projects for small and medium sized business.  This also offers clients a significant cost saving.  These generic application templates are also designed to be developed as part of a cloud based database solution.  Cloud based solutions offer excellent scalability, multi user access and data security.



PRG Schultz


Pymble NSW

Nov 2001 - October 2003


Senior Business Analyst / Audit Manager


I was initially employed as a data miner, data analyst using Access / SQL Server as the mining tool and was quickly promoted to a profit recover audit manager.   I was given my own audit with one of the leading retailers in the country.  I realised approximately 2 millions dollars in lost revenue for this client.


> Used MS Access / SQL server to audit large retail database systems in order to find lost revenue.

> Developed a detailed understanding of large accounting systems with a focus on profit recovery.

> Developed tools to convert data from numerous legacy platforms to MS SQL Server.

> Developed close relationships with clients to understand the operations of large retail organizations.




Kingsford Smith Airport

March 1996 - August 1998


Environment Operations Officer


In this capacity I was given the opportunity to utilise both my I.T. and aviation skill to:- 


> Project manage and develop a high profile, real time, runway decision advisory system used by Air Traffic Control to help resolve Sydney's noise problem (VB/Access).

> Develop a database for the analysis of operations at Sydney Airport (VB/Access/SQL).

> Merge the results of the above analysis into a GIS system (Map Info).

> Develop and implement a system for monitoring of noise complaints (VB/Access)

> Provide analysis for the improvement of the operations of Sydney Airport from an air traffic control perspective.



Lane Cove

August 1989 - March 1995


Systems Developer / Analyst programmer

Product Marketing Manager

Advanced Systems Engineer

Technical Support Supervisor

I was given the opportunity to experience many positions within this organisation allowing me to broaden my skills. These included positions within the sales, marketing and technical departments.


As a Systems Developer I developed and implemented many applications that were used by AST domestically and Internationally. These applications included a Human Resources database and Quality Management Systems.  The majority of my development work utilised Lotus Notes and Visual Basic


As a Product Marketing Manager I was responsible for all aspects of marketing our desktop range of personal computers such as :-


> Competitive Analysis

> Product Positioning

> Pricing

> Promotions

> Profitability

> Stands at Industry Shows


As an Advanced Systems Engineer my duties were to work with our the customers and the sales department in pre and post sales support, systems configuration and performance tuning. The majority of my work was with the advanced file-server and multi-processor systems however I was often called upon to work with desktop and mobile products as well. In this role I played a key part in winning a number of AST's largest accounts.


I was also involved in writing many submission and tender responses for large government and commercial organisations. Initially my contribution was from a technical perspective but then became involved in the complete process including product selection, pricing and profitability.





My database and data mining skill have aided in my academic interest in Astronomy and Astrophysics.  I have had 3 peer review papers published relating specifically to asteroid (minor planet) research.  These publications include the first computer generated shape model for asteroid 347 Pariana.  Currently working on a paper that may change academic thinking in relation to orbital resonances in the inner solar system.



February 1991 - Present


I currently hold an unrestricted private pilots license with approximately 250 hours. The following is a list of my current endorsements:-


Constant Speed Propeller, Retractable Undercarriage

Aerobatics (Upper Level) (Sydney Aerobatic School), Spinning

Tail Wheel Undercarriage